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So what makes a “perfect woodworking plan?” Simply put, it must be detailed enough to leave nothing to guesswork yet simple enough for beginners. It must also contain complete instructions from start to finish.

That is why our plans are 10x better than all “mass-market” plans.

1. Step-By-Step Instructions
2. Cutting & Materials Lists
3. Detailed Schematics
4. Views From All Angles
5. Suitable For Beginners & Professionals!

With a massive list of categories to choose from, not all categories
come with  the 50 Free Woodworking Plans. But here are some of
the categories that are all covered with 16,000 Woodworking Plans

Arbor Projects          Chicken Houses           Garage Plans           Playhouses
Adirondack Chairs       Childrens Room Plans     Gazebos                Planters
Artwork Display         Clock Plans              Greenhouse             Rabbit Houses
Bathroom Unit           Coasters                 Guitars                Router Plans
Box Designs             Coffee Table Designs     Gun Cabinets           Screens
Billiard/Pool Table     Cold Frame Plans         Gun Hidden Storage     Scroll Saw
Barn Plans              Compost Bin              Hammocks               Shelves
Bed Plans               Computer Desk            Home Office Projects   Signs & Displays
Bedside Cabinets        Containers               Horse Barns            Squirrel Den Box
Bee Hive Plans          Cradle Projects          Humidor Plans          Stools
Bench Projects          Small Crafts             Hutch Plans            Storage Plans
Bird Feeders            Cutting Board            Jig Plans              Swing Plans
Birdhouse Plans         Deck Plans               Kitchen Projects       Table Plans
Boat Plans              Desk Designs             Knife Block            Tool Boxes
Book Case Plans         Dog House                Lamps                  Trays
Baby Changing Table     Door Designs             Landscaping            Trellis Plans
Coat Rack               Dressers                 Lathe Plans            Utility Buildings
Cabin Plans             Drill Press              Mailbox                Wagon Designs
Cabinet Plans           Entertainment Projects   Mantels                Weather Station
Carport Plans           Furniture Plans          Media Center Designs   Wind Generator
Cart Plans              Farmshop Plans           Mirrors                Windmills
Cat House Plans         Fences                   Music Boxes            Wishing Well
CD/DVD Holder           File Cabinet             Ottoman Plans          Wooden Racks
Cellar Projects         Fireplaces & Mantel      Outdoor Plans          Wooden Toys
Chair Plans             Frames                   Outdoor Sheds          & Many More!
Chest Designs           Kids Furniture           Pergolas

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